Over The Dinner Table, or OTDT, is LIVE on the inter webs! OTDT is the sister site of DOTT: The Podcast About Everything. You may or may not have noticed, but DOTT is in fact an anagram for OTDT. It's those little things that count, right?

I started OTDT as a medium for sharing information, knowledge, and ideas. The concept of OTDT came to me after realizing that our family discussions, often over dinner or drinks, were quite heated. All the genres and subjects that are commonly considered "not safe for the dinner table" were exactly what we were discussing: politics, religion, sex, and more. The thought hit me: why can't we talk about these things? If we can't have these conversations with our families, who can we have them with? The more a subject is stigmatized or made taboo, the more harm it does to our society. That's why I believe that even touchy subjects should be tackled. There's no reason why we can't have meaningful conversations about such topics and maintain a respectful and considerate tone. After all, my family has been doing it for years.

So OTDT, and DOTT, are safe environments. We're not afraid to talk about things, because we believe that knowledge - and knowledge sharing - is crucial to the success of our society.