A History

By Denisse Perez

    Millions of years ago, humans existed on Earth. A relatively new species on the planet, humans accomplished far more than other neighboring creatures. Eventually, they spanned the entire planet, and inhabited corners of the globe not yet explored by other animals. They traveled - first by land and sea, eventually through the air above the clouds. Humans were everywhere. They coexisted with some creatures, and battled with others. Who humans chose to live in harmony with greatly depended on what benefits those animals provided. Farming, in the historical texts, is established as the cause of human growth on the planet. Humans harvested the land for crops and for the animals they fed off of. Artifacts from those times, meticulously preserved by our record keepers, show such a fascinating picture of mankind. At times they were full of kindness and camaraderie. Yet as beautifully as humans could love, they were capable of such incredible destruction. One moment they were in union, and in the other at war.

    The history of human war is extensive. We have found, scattered throughout the planet, artifacts from their battles. They constructed primitive tools, at first, such as knives. Eventually, mankind matured to guns, bombs, and machines of utter destruction. A machine our people have called the "Obelisk" must have stood hundreds of meters into the sky. At first we believed this was a mere artifact of their time - a simple structure in which humans inhabited. We were wrong. Further inspection of the machine showed the obelisk in fact produced tons of energy, enough to wipe out entire cities. The earth below showed an array of tunnels and machinery, now decayed. Humans must have navigated through the underground passageways, powering their weapon and preparing themselves for destruction.

Did they know?
Could humans foresee the world they would lay waste to?
Would they have done anything to change their fate?

    My elders tell me tales of data we obtained during the time of the humans' existence. Our our equipments picked up their signals. It seemed they were calling, sending messages into space. I often wonder if they were sending a plea, asking for someone, anyone, to rescue them from themselves. We never answered. When we turned our satellites in their direction, all we found was noise. Their planet, covered in satellites and mechanic waste, floated just outside their thermosphere. So much debris, how was it likely that they could ever leave? Beyond the noise of the satellites, what my people heard was destruction. Had their war already started?
    I always wonder why humans died the way they died. Why did they take their planet, once covered in blue and green, and turn it into rubble? Was it human nature? My elders tell of tales of humans existing in much simpler forms. Voyagers from our nation had traveled to their corner of the universe. We were explores during those ages. We mapped the visible universe before long. Before embarking on a deep space journey that would last until recently, we went to Earth. The records show that we made contact with humans. The first impression must have been memorable, for humans would speak for hundreds of years of creatures from outer space. I don't know if they ever understood how vast the universe really is.
    By the time we arrived from our explorations, mankind had destroyed itself. The remnants of their empire laid below rubble and smoke. The once blue planet, from outer space, was a haze. What lay before us was a mere rock, floating in the expanse. No one survived. Nothing was left alive. All species that inhabited the planet were dead.
Will we share the same fate as man?
Will we die at the hand of ourselves?

I do not know the answer to these questions, which have plagued my mind since returning. I am tormented by what lays ahead. My people are peaceful, but so was man. All we can do to prevent such a future is to continue learning of the past. The key to our survival lies millions of years ago, when the last of man died off, and the beginning of a new era was brought forth. An era in which from all corners of the universe, we are taught of Man and his history. I can only continue passing forth the knowledge which has been handed to me through the millennia. Until it is our turn to become a part of the history of the universe.